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  • 09/23/2006 : SNEmulDS v0.1 SNEmul has been ported to Nintendo DS! Take a look at this page.
  • 11/23/1999 : SNEmul 0.9 released This version adds Super FX and DSP supports.
  • 10/25/1998 : SNEmul 0.85b released As promised, another little update : more games may work better... The french version was also updated.
  • 10/24/1998 : SNEmul 0.85a released ! Ok, I(Archeide) should have tell you some news about SNEmul before, but now here it is : a new release of SNEmul ! Don't be too happy, it's not a big release... it's only a little bugfix that solve the problem of game saving. I tried to add a real sprite editor support, but it can't work because in most ROMs, the tiles/sprites are compressed. The reason why there was no release for two moths was because i now study in a new computer school in France(EPITA) and i have no more the time to work on SNEmul(neither v0x). if you can understand french you can go to the French SNEmul homepage. It will updated more frequently And, another good news : expect another small release tomorrow...
  • 08/01/1998 : French speaking people read this ! Le premier émulateur SNES entièrement en français est sorti : SNEmul 0.84 ! En particulier la doc et le GUI ont été francisés. Téléchargez le !
  • 08/01/1998 : New SNEmul homepage link I have forgotten to say that Y0shi have set up a redirecting VirtualHost for our homepage. You'll always be able to access our homepage with Again, Thanks a lot to Y0shi.
    What is SNEmul ?
    SNEmul is a brand new Super NES Emulator for the PC. Which means that this software is (in theory ;) able to run ROM-images of the SNES cartridges on your PC. In the long run, SNEmul should be a full SNES workbench with a debugger, an assembler/disassembler, and many other useful functions. 
    What's new with SNEmul 0.8 ?
    Version 0.85 released ! The 0.8X versions implement new cheat tools(patcher/trainer) and ADSR/GAIN sound effects(most music sound much better !). A lot of bugs have been fixed, and expect a lot of new games to work. The overall speed have been also improved.  

    Here are the improvements of version 0.85 : 

    • fixed a bug in the SRAM saving
    • option to enable/disable speed hacks(options menu)
    • option to disable SNES BG windows(emulation menu)
    • a new ROM editor.. useless for the moment.
    • a problem with the palette of some sprites/tiles was fixed
    • fixed the MOV1,AND1,NOT1,... APU instructions
    • fixed some other bugs in the PPU

    Here are the improvements of version 0.84 : 

    • fixed a serious bug in the SPC700(now BASTARD! works)
    • fixed a bug in CPU decimal addition/substraction
    • removed some bad colors which could appear in some games
    • fixed a bug in port 0x4212 (Bubsy works)
    • Some sprites were transparent whereas they should not(e.g. in Super Off Road)
    • fixed a bug in MODE 7(Super Metroid intro)
    • fixed some bugs with the CPU speed hack(Ultima 7 works again)
    • fixed a bug in RAM initialization(should be filled with '0xFF')
    • fixed a bug in SRAM read/write(Final Fight 3 works)
    • fixed and speeded up some transparencies effects(for instance, in Zelda)
    • fixed a bug in interrupts calls(decimal flag should be reset)
    • fixed another bug in SPC700 and thus, removed the sound bugs in Zelda
      and made Seiken Dekentsu 3 works.
    • now Sound_ouput = 0 disable also the SPC700(some games may need this)
    • fixed a bug in HDMA/DMA
    • fixed a bug with ENVX read(BomberMan 5 works again)
    • fixed some bugs with ADSR/GAIN
    • fixed some bugs in the MOD Ripper(especially music speed)
    • speeded up some games
    • some other small bugs fixed. A lot of new games work!

    Here are the improvements of version 0.82 : 

    • added some CPU/SPC700 speed hacks(SNEmul is much faster with some games)
    • SPC700 timing is more accurate
    • implemented joystick config dialog
    • reduced memory use a bit
    • implemented ADSR/GAIN sound effects (at least =)
    • fixed a bug in port $2102/2103
    • implemented CGRAM read
    • fixed a bug in PPU multiply
    • fixed a bug in SPC700 division
    • fixed a bug in the Cheat finder
    • several other bugs fixed in the GUI/PPU/CPUs...

    Here are the improvements of version 0.8 : 

    • Implemented Object Name Select(fixed sprite bugs)
    • Fixed some bugs in the GUI that make SNEmul crash
    • Added a "game codes" dialog
    • Added a "search codes" dialog
    SNEmul background
    Yes ! We made it ! After a long (mute) time, SNEmul, at last, plays musics & sound effects ! Archeide really made a great work on the SPC700 emulation routines. Thank him ! As I said higher, days after days SNEmul become more and more powerful and we want to propose an alternative to other great SNES emulators. We think that, with a now full-working sound, SNEmul will please SNES players. Soon we will implement a cheat system, but we already have a SNAPSHOT system that let you to make sauvegarde where you want (it just saves the SNES state at the snapshot time)... Have fun with SNEmul. 
    Dowload & Authors
    Download SNEmul  A little about us : 
      We both live in this little lovely country which people call France. 
    • Archeide is now studying in the french computer school EPITA, that's why he doesn't have much time to work on SNEmul. He is the designer of the emulation core and of some tools of SNEmul. His passions are computer and math.  
    • v0x is working for a large French Internet Provider. He's the designer of the Graphic User Interface of SNEmul, a library called LGE, and the gadgets of SNEmul. His passions are computer programming, computer graphics and making techno music. 
    • You can reach us both at